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Saroligaam Convention 2017

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Saroli Gaam is 6 Km from the Surat within merely 15 minutes run one could reach to saroli gaam. People of Saroli Gaam have progressed well in all fields and are now living all over the world.
Our Beginning
The Leuva Patidar community of Surat, Navsari, and Valsad districts of southern part of Gujarat has a history, which goes back to several centuries. These Patidars and their descendents residing all over the world are compassionate, hard working and very resourceful people. These Patidars are involved in various enterprises. We have not forgotten our roots, culture and the rich heritage, hence we have been actively involved in local and national organisations which promote cultural, religious, sports important festivals and other functions.
Who are we?
Where did our forefathers come from? These are some of the questions our children may ask. The burden of responsibility falls on us to provide all the information to our children to fulfill their curiosity about the Leuva Patidar identity, culture and history. The following data is compiled from several sources and in certain places its accuracy may be questionable, but overall the data is accurate enough to log this information for the future generations.

The Leuva Patidar also known as the Leuva Patels of Gujarat is the descendant of the Aryan Race. It is, therefore safe to assume that the history of Aryans is in true fact
2012 Saroligaam.